Educational Program

Participatory Visits for Institutions

The guided tour is one of the most used resources for educational purposes. Its objective is not only to facilitate the relationship between the public and the content of the exhibition, but also to turn the Museum into a true educational tool that allows teachers to respond to curricular needs.
That is why the Güemes Museum has developed a proposal that will put students in contact with their own culture from a pleasant, playful and reflective place, resulting in an enriching and unforgettable experience.

Throughout the tour, the students will go back to the first years of the life of General Güemes; they will meet part of his family; they will see the remarkable performance of the then young Martín Miguel during the English Invasions; the decisive role he played at the head of the army and the gaucho militias in the context of the American Independence Plan; his actions as governor of Salta; and the fateful night where he was ambushed and that, 10 days later, he died surrounded by his men.

To carry out the visit, it is necessary make a prior reservation by completing the Registration Form (see download below) and deliver it to the Güemes Museum, Spain 730.

For inquiries contact:
Tel. +54 (0387) 4954295

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