Itinerant Güemes

The past becomes present

Equipped with a wide variety of technological resources, the Güemes Museum is characterized by being a proposal capable of attracting the constant attention of the viewer and surprising them throughout the entire visit.

There is no doubt that the Güemes Museum case is that of a successful tourist-cultural space. However, at the present it is only visited by those people who, for various reasons, can access the Historic Center of the City of Salta, this becoming its main limitation.

It’s from this problem that the "ITINERANT GÜEMES" project arises, which seeks to reproduce the main technologies present in the Museum to generate a sample capable of adapting to different spaces, thereby improving accessibility for all potential visitors inside. of the province in order to democratize access to culture. In addition to this, work will be done with various educational institutions in the interior, offering guided visits to the different educational levels and providing post-visit material to work in the classroom.

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